Category: Success Stories

Azzam Khanji

Despite the challenges and difficulties due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Bousla Development & Innovation during the third quarter of 2020 was able to reach 47,394 beneficiaries within our main sectors (Capacity Development – Civil Development and Civic Engagement – Youth and Women Empowerment – Social Cohesion & Peace Building).

The beneficiaries number in Syria is 46,620 beneficiaries, and in Turkey is 774 beneficiaries.

Dr. Mohamed Zahid Al-Masri

Dr. Mohamed Zahid Al-Masri and in cooperation with a group of doctors and activists, are establishing the Syria Immunization Group, which aims to provide routine vaccination services and new vaccination campaigns to protect children from diseases are included by the vaccination program.

Mona Fraij

Training and empowering legally, cognitively and economically for women who have been forbidden from education in Raqqa city are one of the most important contributions of the activist Mona Fraij, that aimed to reach a justice and equality state.

Activist Azaad Othman

Civil peace is a concept linked to co-existence and social security. The activist Azaad Othman discusses his experience in laying the foundations of Civil Peace among different segments of society.

Mazen Alhousseiny

Mazen Alhousseiny, “Institutional Development Expert,” discusses his role in the capacity building, and how this positive role reflected on the beneficiaries by increasing the quality of services and the size of the response.

Dr. Mazen Kewara

In its war against the Syrian people, the Syrian regime focused on weakening the health system, which necessitated concerted efforts between health institutions that operate in the liberated areas. one of these efforts is the establishment of health directorates. Dr. Mazen Kewara, Regional Director of SAMS Turkey, talks about SAMS’s role in supporting, establishing, and governing health directorates in liberated areas.

Activist Ghaitha Al-Asaad

Activist Ghaitha Al-Asaad talks about the Women’s Protection Network, and its strategic goal to support the pioneering role of Syrian women, empower them (socially, economically, politically, legally, and institutionally) and work to increase the Syrian society’s awareness of the capabilities of Syrian women and their participation in decision-making.

Munzer Al- Sallal

How Munzer Al- Sallal strengthened the role of youth and women in public and political life, and activate their role in restoring stability.

Activist “Huda Sarjawi

How did community activist “Huda Sarjawi” promote and spread the principles and concepts of governance, community development and women’s rights to become a success story.

Dr. Monther Al-Khalil, Health Directorate in Idlib

The situation of the health sector in Idlib Governorate in the past years, and how was governance applied on it to become a success story, with Dr. Monther Al-Khalil, Health Directorate in Idlib.