Our Work

Capacity Development

Individuals, Technical sectors, Civic entities, CSOs, and CBOs, …etc.

Many and radical changes are considered one of the most important challenges that were and still facing the humanitarian and development work in Syria. We, at BouslaDI, have realized that this reality continues, and this problem must be addressed to find some appropriate solutions.

Besides, we at BouslaDI believe in investing in individuals, who will, in turn, build their communities and the structures and democratic institutions of the future. As well as we believe that the vast majority of Syrians everywhere want to rebuild their country. Supporting democratic values, enhancing the capacity of our current and future people despite the unstable situation would enable them to participate in the development of their life and their country in the near future.

To achieve that, the orientation was to focus on the human factor to building a solid relationship with him/her beyond the traditional relationship between the beneficiary and the donor organization through capacity development which is the process through which individuals, groups and organisations, and societies deploy, adapt, strengthen, and maintain the capabilities to define, plan and achieve their own development objectives on an inclusive, participatory, and sustainable basis.”

Our Work

BouslaDI embraces the following quality criteria:


Capacity development as change systems


Evidence-based knowledge and innovation


Integrated and coherent approach


Inclusion, participation, equity and empowerment


Quality of engagement & Leadership transformation


Advancement of women and gender parity