Our Work

Women & Youth Empowerment

The empowerment is the key to emancipation, by encouraging women and young people to take the responsibility very early on in their career in order to give themselves the widest range of options available.

In meantime in Syria, It is vital to work on promoting and reinforcing participation in decision-making, leadership, and societal activities for women and youth because it is important for the integration and development of their leadership role. Thus, a society in which leadership is innovative, energetic, and benevolent can only develop in the right direction.

Besides, it is not possible to start working directly on activating the participation of women and youth in the civil administration for several reasons, including the capabilities and the difficulty of society accepting them in this role. Therefore, maximising the chances of women and youth success inevitably involves the development of all their skills, where women and youth represent an important workforce. Therefore, it is necessary to work gradually and continuously to achieve the long-term goal of women and youth inclusion.

With the aim of emphasizing the importance of women’s participation and creating a constructive dialogue, increasing gender participation in social roles as an active partner in decision-making. We are planning to create Civic space for formal engagement, political change, interaction, voicing concerns and demanding accountability in society.